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Natural Rights


Our rights are given by our creator and not our government. Therefore, we are free to live out our lives as we see fit, with the exception of causing injury to others. The US constitution does not confer these rights, rather it specifically acknowledges these God-given rights our wise founders feared might be infringed upon as an extra precaution and warning to future governments.



Limited Government


While the rights of the people are unalienable and broad, the power of the government is not. Once again, our wise founders drew upon their experience with and knowledge of European governments and rightly agreed that if the people were to remain free the government must have limited power and that power must be derived from the consent of the governed. This model, being worthy for the most prosperous nation on earth, is also appropriate for our local government.


Role of Government


Government in the United States exists to protect and defend the rights of the individual. Elected officials must view every decision through this lens. While they should always listen to and consider the will of the people, if ever the will of the people seeks to strip some citizens of their individual rights, elected officials have the responsibility to protect those citizens. Our founders knew that majorities could become tyrannical, and thus we have a representative republic and not a direct democracy. 




The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) has been instrumental in restraining government and ensuring that taxpayers maintain control over their hard-earned dollars. I fought hard, organizing outreach events and grassroots volunteers to protect TABOR from being gutted by ballot initiative CC in 2019 and I will continue to fight for taxpayers.

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