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Carrie Geitner is a constitutional conservative, small business owner, grassroots activist, and mom working to promote effective solutions in local government, school choice, and policy in communities across Commissioner District 2 from the eastern edge of El Paso County to Falcon to Colorado Springs.


Carrie and her husband Tim chose the greater Colorado Springs area as their permanent home after the Army assigned them to Fort Carson.  Carrie and Tim appreciate that the Colorado Springs area was a wonderful place to raise their family; they chose the relaxed, country feel of Falcon for their permanent home.  She is grateful to be raising her two sons in the western culture of self-sufficiency and neighborly regard.  “It reminds me of my rural upbringing and I enjoy driving past fields of grazing cattle mixed with galloping wild pronghorn, but also being close to the comforts of the Powers corridor,” Geitner says. 


Geitner grew up learning hard work from farm chores and helping out with raising her younger siblings.  The first college graduate in her family, Geitner worked full-time while attending the University of Central Florida, receiving her degree in English with double minors in psychology and marketing in 2004.  “I remember choosing my first semester class schedule and feeling completely overwhelmed. My parents weren’t sure how to advise me and I eventually went to an older friend who had done this and asked for help,” Geitner says.  Paying her own way through after partial scholarships, Carrie has a firm appreciation for frugal budgets, tight deadlines, and reliance upon the guidance of people who have been in her shoes.  


Shortly after college, Geitner met and married her husband, Army Officer and former State Representative Tim Geitner.  The Geitners moved five times in six years, including an international move to Germany.  Carrie’s husband left for an eleven month deployment to Afghanistan just after their second son was born.  “It was heartbreaking to watch my almost three year-old son not understanding what was happening, and the worry every day that you will get a knock on your door, it can be consuming.”  Geitner says experiencing life as a military spouse has made her tough, but also compassionate and empathetic toward veterans and military families in particular, and the struggles that all individuals encounter in life.  It’s that understanding that has led Geitner to a life of servant leadership.


As a limited-government conservative, Geitner believes it is all of our responsibility to build our community to fulfill the needs of one another.  For that reason, she spent several years in fundraising and community outreach for non-profit organizations including hospice and a school for the blind.  She also worked to establish non-profit status and served as president of a newly formed foundation created to support military families and honor fallen soldiers through a memorial wall and park.  Recently, she has worked to affect change through the political process and local government, successfully helping several local campaigns.  


One of Geitner's primary passions is education. She is a former public high school English teacher, and is currently serving as the President of a charter school she helped launch in District 49. She previously served on the D49 District Accountability Committee. 


Geitner wants to represent the people of County Commission District 2 because she cares about her neighbors, helping families, building our community, and securing our right to make choices for ourselves.  Geitner wants to keep the cost of living low, make sure families feel safe, keep opportunity growing, and safeguard the western, conservative way of life.  Specifically, she is focused on regional water planning to ensure water is available for years to come, stopping the danger of illegal marijuana grows from invading our neighborhoods, protecting the rights of hard-working property owners, and being responsible with tax dollars. 


With a background in communications and outreach, Geitner hopes to build stronger relationships with the community and build trust in local government.  The people of eastern El Paso County work hard, and she plans to work just as hard for them. 

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